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Friday , November 15 2019
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Torkham custom clearance agents observed strike


Torkham custom clearance agents observed strike


KHYBER AGENCY, Jan 03: Clearance Agents Association,Torkham went on strike against what they said  slow process of examination  of custom officials in Torkham custom center on Tuesday.


President of the association,Hayatullah Shinwari said  that for the last few days the officials in Torkham custom house had adopted policy  of 100% examination of all export and import transit commodities at Torkham border that added their miseries. He added that new inspection plan took five to eight hours to down load and upload the merchandise goods as no modern machinery was unavailable in the custom center to speed up the process. It not only damaged the trading goods but also restrain to the reach lately and lay financial loss on traders,Shinwari accused. He further added that the agents community lauded the fresh scheme in the best interest of the country but it should not be utilized to hurt their interest.

They demanded of custom highups to provide modern machines to Torkham custom center to smoothly and rapidly  execute  the examination process  and save them of mental anxiety.

They  threatened that until and unless, their grievance was not address they would resume the clearing work at Torkham border.


When custom official at Torkham center Naeem Khan was contacted for his version he said that on the directions of their head office from Karachi, they had initiated thoroughly examination of export, import transit goods that annoyed the clearing agents in Torkham.

Due to strike dozens of loaded trucks stranded at both side of Torkham border and created traffic mess on the border.


96 tribesmen apprehended in Landi Kotal

KHYBER AGENCY,Jan 03: Ninty six tribesmen of Khuga Khel were arrested by the local  administration allegedly instigating their tribal to capture Khuga Khel quami Adda( taxi stand) here on Tuesday.

Including elders of the tribe,the Khasadar force detained them and shifted to Bara lock up,assistant political agent,Rahim Mehsud said.He further said that the group was creating law and order situation in the area,therefore they  were netted.

On the other hand the tribesmen of Khuga Khel disapproved the allegation of the administration and said the detainees were peaceful and were recording their opinion peacefully when the Khasadar party raided them,bruitly beaten them and were arrested.

It is to be mentioned here that some of the tribal elders had auctioned the Torkham taxi stand  and NLC  contract that displeased the tribal and last day they arose against it.

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