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Shuhada-e-Sahafat conference held in Landikotal

(FLBN) Ashrafuddin Pirzada KHYBER AGENCY: Tribal Union of Journalists(TUJ) Khyber Chapter on Monday organized a conferance to pay a rich tribute to the martyred tribal journalists who embraced martyrdom in the line of duty.

Beside a score of tribal journalists from Fata and Peshawar, a large number of people from different walks of life participated in conferance.

Political Agent(PA)  of Khyber agency, Captain (Rtd) Khalid Mehmood was chief on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, political agent Khalid Mehmood said it was a good luck for the tribal people that peace has been restored in the area.

“Its all due to Pakistani forces, intelligence agencies as well as the loyal and brave people of Fata who rendered sacrifices to maintain peace and tranquility in the area,” PA said.

Khalid said he would do his best for the uplift to improve life of  people in Khyber agency.

PA urged tribal journalists to portray soft image of the tribal people and also asked the elders of the area to play their role to help maintain peace in the tribal region.

A tribal elder Malik Darya Khan Afridi praising the role the tribal journalists said that maintaining long lasting peace in the area, 16 tribal media reporter lost their precious lives in the field.

Regarding the Black-Law of Fontier Crimes Regulations(FCR) he said that a young educated generation could not accept the draconian law. The political parties, Tribal elders and the people of Fata should discuss the matter and try to resolve issue of Fata merger  into Khyber Pakhtun khwan, Khan stated.

Shamim Shahid, a senior Peshawar base journalist while speaking on the occasion lauded the key role of Fata journalists.  He said 16 tribal journalists among 52 journalists from different parts of  Pakistan so far embarrassed martyrdom during performing their duties.

“The people Pakistan should not ignore sacrifices rendered by Pak forces and pakistani media”, Shamim said.
He said the genuine issues of tribal people must be addressed according to the constitution of Pakistan.

Qazi Fazlullah, the president of TUJ Khyber said that the sudden demise of their colleagues, Nasrullah Afridi,Kamal Shinwari and Mehboob Shah Afridi was an irreparable loss as they was an honest and dedicated journalists in all standards.

” Media owners and government should facilitate their staff reporters more so that they may continue their works with more calm and devotion.

Malakzada Nadeem Afridi,Malak Waras, Malak Haji Manan Mulagori, Hazrat Wali Afridi, Shakir Mohmand also spoke on the occasion.

At the end of the conference, fateha was offered for the deceased journalists.

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