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Privatization of Landi Kotal hospital unacceptable,Khyber Syasi Ittehad


Privatization of Landi Kotal hospital unacceptable,Khyber Syasi Ittehad

KHYBER AGENCY, Mar 26:Under the banner of Khyber Syasi Ittehad(Khyber Political Alliance) protest demonstration against proposed privatization of Agency Headquarter(AHQ) Hospital,Landi Kotal was held  on Sunday.

Numbers of political workers of different parties,tribal and health officials,tied black ribbon on their hands,marched from hospital to Bacha Khan chowk,Landi Kotal bazaar   while holding placards and banner inscribed with slogans  in favor of their demand.

Addressing to the angry mob General Sectary of the alliance and  President Pakistan People Party(PPP)Khyber Agency President, Hazrat Wali Afridi  said that privatizing the AHQ,Hospital was equellent to deprive the poor tribal from the basic and cheaper health facility which was regrettable.

Instead of privatization,the highups should improve efficiency of the hospital so that it could deliver in batter way, he remarked.He urged upon the dwellers of the area to join hands with them to safeguard their interests.

Afridi asked the authorities to have mercy on the transport community and revise passport condition set up for them for border crossing.

Lashing out at parliamentarians, he said they had not raised their voice against the expected privatization of hospital and other problems being faced by the locals.

Ex-Paramedical Association President Fazal Rehman said that privatization of the health center was not the solution of poor performance of it but it was an attempt to hide corruption carried out in constructing of new blocks in the hospital.

The authorities concerned, they stated had earlier announced giving A-grade status to hospital but unfortunately after construction of building, it was not given due status and crew was not provided as well,Fazal said.

President Awami National Party(ANP)Khyber Agency,Shah Hussain Shinwari,Jamaat-e-Islami(JI)leader Zernoor Afridi,Khyber Transport President Shakir Afridi and President Khyber Youth Forum(KYF) were also spoke on the occasion.

Angry protesters categorically warned they would initiate protest demo in front of Peshawar press club and written complaint would be lodged in  Governor House Khyber Pakhtunkhwa if their demands were not accepted.

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