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Torkham border reopened


Torkham border reopened

KHYBER AGENCY, Mar 07:Thousands of stranded Afghan citizens crossed the Pak-Afghan sharing border when it was resumed on Tuesday after remained close for 18 days.

The Khyber Rifles official said that following the decision of the government, the Torkham border was reopened at 7:00 am and the Afghan nationals stranded in Pakistan were let to cross the border to Afghanistan.

It is pertinent to mention that last night the government of Pakistan announced reopening of Torkham and Chaman borders for two days to facilitate the stuck Afghan nationals to move back to their country.

The relaxation of border crossing was granted to pedestrians only and commodities transportation or vehicle movements was still restricted on Torkham border, official confirmed.

He further said that those Afghan citizen having legal travelling documents including passport and visa were permitted to move to their motherland.

In the same way, from Afghan side Pakistanis with passport were allowed to cross into Pakistan however according to the official entry of Afghan citizens in Pakistan was banned in spite of keeping valid documents.

Levies Subedar, Hikmat Afridi said that airing news of reopening of Torkham border, thousands of Afghanis, male and female thronged to the border to go to their homeland. Extra troops of the Frontier Corp (FC) along with Khasadars had been posted at Michni check post, five miles away from the border who checked the passports of the arrived Afghan passengers, he maintained and adding, the passport holders were let to approach the border while those who had no proper documents were sent back from the checkpoint.

The restrained policy effected dozens of repatriated Afghan citizens and they asked for permission to move to the country.

Razi Gul, a driver and resident of Nengarhar province of Afghanistan who was refused by the border security officials to cross the border said that days back he had taken his relative child to Peshawar for medical treatment by paying two thousands rupees fine at the border, But now the authorities did not assent him to go back to Afghanistan.

As per details provided by the tehsildar passport,Shamsul Islam so far 2300 Afghan citizens returned to Afghanistan while 500 Pakistanis cross into Pak territory.

He further added that till 8:00 pm ,the Afghanis repatriation process would continue and hectic efforts would be made to facilitate more Afghanistan returned people.

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